Your windshield is an extremely important feature of your car. It’s not just a way to keep insects and dirt away; it also helps keep you safe. It’s made of two distinct pieces of glass separated by a PVB layer that “glues” them together. Without this resin, a shattered windshield mean certain injury in the event of a crash. But even though it’s such a crucial component, there’s a lot many drivers don’t know about windshield replacement and damage. To help you out, we’ve compiled a few surprising facts about this topic and why you need to repair or replace your windshield at the first sign of vulnerability.

    1. Damaged windshields are a huge deal
      One little ding or crack may not seem like an emergency situation to you. But it’s reason to take your car into your local auto glass center ASAP. Even a tiny amount of damage can have a significant impact on your windshield’s integrity. And if you’re in a crash, the results could be disastrous. A structurally sound windshield may break during a collision, but due to the resin layer, it stays together. If there’s a crack, though, it could break into pieces or even cause your car’s roof to collapse. You may think you’re a responsible and safe driver, but it takes only a moment to get into a horrific accident. A compromised windshield can make a bad crash even worse.
    2. You may not have to pay as much as you think to replace your windshield
      Many state laws have requirements pertaining to damaged windshields. Since most windshield replacement quotes are on the lower end (typically ranging from $100 to $400), you may have to pay this cost out of pocket because of a higher deductible. But some states, like Florida, Kentucky, Massachusetts, and South Carolina, require these deductibles to be waived for windshield repairs. This often means drivers can afford these repairs and are more likely to have them done. Check with your auto glass repair shop and insurer to find out the rules in your state.


  1. You might not need to completely replace your windshield
    Depending on the size and location of the damage, you may not need total replacement. Many imperfections can be repaired instead. If a chip is under an inch wide or a crack is under three inches in length (and these damages aren’t located within the driver’s line of sight), your technician may be able to repair it. This is much less expensive, so it’s a good idea to ask your auto glass professional whether or not this option might be possible.

No matter what, you shouldn’t wait to pursue windshield repairs or replacement. Small damages can quickly become much bigger, which means you have a limited timeframe to get them repaired. If your windshield has become damaged, contact your local auto glass center today.