It’s still pretty trendy and impressive to DIY, but there are just some areas that you should leave to the professionals. There might be some small auto maintenance jobs you can handle on your own, but in general, it’s much better to visit your auto repair shop when you’ve got a major issue. That rule definitely applies for these common car repairs.

What Kinds Of Automotive Repairs Should You NEVER Do Yourself?

    • Windshield replacement or repairs
      Around 13 to 14 million windshields are replaced each year, but that doesn’t mean you should use the DIY glass repair kits that are available on the market. In fact, you should steer clear of them and bring your car into your glass repair center instead. It may be pricier at first, but going the DIY route can be a huge safety hazard. Your windshield keeps you safe behind the wheel in a number of ways; any small vulnerability can cause it to shatter or may even result in car roof collapse. It’s not a repair that you should mess with yourself. Professional glass repair is well worth the money and is frankly too complex to DIY properly.
    • Body work
      DIY paint jobs are notorious for their shoddy appearance. Not only will they compromise the value of your car, but they can be extremely frustrating and messy to deal with. It’s definitely not a job for amateurs. If you try to save money by handling this yourself, you’re going to end up spending more later on just to fix what you’ve done. It’s way more cost-effective to get it done right the first time. Plus, the paint job will actually match and professionals at your automotive paint shop will know how to get the dents and dings out.


  • Air conditioning
    Your car’s AC system is pretty complex, involving all kinds of chemicals and components. It’s usually pretty difficult to even tell exactly what’s wrong with it. You should first get a professional’s opinion on what might be causing your air conditioning issues. Most of the time, you’re going to want to enlist their help in this endeavor; otherwise, you could mess up the entire system and end up paying a lot more for extensive fixes. No one wants to live without AC in the summertime, so take your car to your auto repair shop instead of trying to figure it out on your own.
  • Ignition and transmission
    As a general rule, you should stay away from any DIY projects that could render your car inoperable if you mess up. Your ignition and transmission systems are imperative to how your car operates, so it’s best not to even entertain the thought of fixing these problems yourself. It’s way too easy to cause other damages and find yourself without reliable transportation for the foreseeable future. Suck it up and take it to your professional mechanic instead of pretending to know the source of the problem. They might find an issue you’d never think of and will certainly understand how to fix it.

Dealing with a complex car problem? Never DIY. Take your vehicle to professional auto repair technicians you trust. You may not realize it, but it’ll save you a lot of time, money, and stress.